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Weekly Update #8: Dec. 10 2023

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This week saw a continuation of the drop in US yields as inflation is collapsing and rate-cut expectations are mounting all around the world, especially in Europe. The Fed has its final meeting of 2023 next week, and it will be interesting to see if it gives the OK to this easing. 

Overall, the momentum remains up, and the path of least resistance is higher — yet, it will be interesting to see if we can clear that overhead resistance zone in both cryptos and equities. Yes, the music will stop at some point that's why we have a model in place to exit, but for now, we will continue dancing.


Coming to portfolio positions. The model picks have continued to perform nicely since they were published. We started the portfolio with $10,000 a couple of months ago, and the net asset value is up 52%!


Four years ago Paul Volcker died. People wonder why he gets so much respect. He sat before Congress and listened to them scream and yell. They told him he was dangerous, reckless and demanded he resign... His response? Light up another cigar and hike rates.

A common line from BOTH political sides was that Volcker´s interest rates were destroying the 'Middle America'. In hindsight, they all came to realize that he actually saved the middle class. He didn´t care about political backlash or pressure. He did what he knew was right.

As some folks have reached out with questions on how to be profitable, we wanted to share what we consider best practices and what works well for us.

  • It´s ok to be wrong but not to stay wrong. Control your risk and use stop losses
  • Size aggressively at the start of the trend and not at the end. If you follow the model, the more you wait, the smaller the position you should place
  • Understand it´s a game of regret. If it goes up a lot, you will wish you bought a lot more. If it tanks you would wish you bought less. Be ok with it
  • You will feel greed and fear. That is ok, just be mindful of your emotions so they do not sabotage your process
  • If you are profitable then that alone puts you in a minority. Be content and always try to improve.

That’s it from us this week, thanks for reading!

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