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Weekly Update #10: Dec. 26 2023

Welcome back to the No Rainy-Day portfolio! Thanks for signing up. 


Happy Holidays everyone! 2023 has been a great start with our public portfolio up over 70% in just a couple of months. The stage is also set for 2024 to be a great year too.

Model picks and portfolio construction have played out well. While many of the last few posts focus have been about crypto it doesn´t make us any sort of maxis. We will continue to be nonbiased and follow our model. When the time comes we will exit our crypto-related positions as needed.

There is a time to play offence and there is a time to play defense. Right now it´s the former. And for the entire quarter, this has been our position. Also, many of the model equity positions are doing well too. Stuff like Galaxy Digital and Coinbase are up over 110% and they continue to look good. Stone is up 76% and Zscaler and Dexcom are up over 30% too.


Model picks continue to perform well and overall momentum remains strong. While there will be some major news events in January that can induce some volatility, the trend is firmly bullish for now.

Coming to portfolio positions. While tech picks saw some consolidation last week, crypto ripped higher. We started the portfolio with $10,000 on October 20th, and the net asset value is up 73%!

I am taking a week off and my activity will be very limited during this period. We do not plan to publish next Sunday unless there are meaningful changes in the market.

LISTEN OF THE WEEK: A recent video by Michael Howell, one of the best when it comes to liquidity.

That’s it from us this week, thanks for reading!

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